Rat Removal

Have you been hearing a scratching sound coming from the roof or walls? Tired of rats constantly getting into your storage? Aside from running into their little droppings, rats and mice have the ability to cause a lot more damage to your home and property. They can chew A/C ducts, wires and pipes and have been known to start fires and burn down homes by chewing wires.

Aside from potentially doing thousands of dollars in damage, they will also soil your insulation and make a stinky mess in your walls and attic. These rodents also carry fleas and diseases.  Even if you haven’t seen a rat in your home for twenty years, upon arrival, just one rat will leave behind pheromones, which will attract more rats.

It’s important to call Weldon Wildlife Removal as soon as possible to correct the problem by trapping, closing off the entry points and cleaning up their mess.


Emergency Wildlife Removal

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