Listed here are a few of our latest wildlife removal adventures. Check back for more updates and news stories!

Wildlife Removal

At Weldon Wildlife Removal, we start off by doing a complete inspection of your home and ┬áproperty to ensure the best approach is taken. Whether you have rats, bats, squirrels snakes, possums, armadillos, wild hogs or just about anything else, we humanely trap and remove the nuisance wildlife and re-locate the animals back to their […]



Since rats and squirrels teeth constantly grow, they have to chew constantly to keep their teeth filed down. Materials like foam or wood will ┬ábe chewed through, which is why Weldon Wildlife Removal uses only the highest quality, builder grade metal products to ensure a permanent solution to closing your entry points. Once we remove […]


Deodorizing and disinfectant

Not only do wild animals leave behind germs, bacteria and strong odors that are hazardous to your health, but their odor can also attract other wildlife to your home long after they are removed. In order to keep you and your family safe, after our removals and exclusions we deodorize and disinfect any areas that […]


Emergency Wildlife Removal

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